Holiday Car Insurance: Options for High-End Vehicles

Holiday car insurance is coverage for travelers who intend to drive to and/or at their vacation or business trip destination. Drivers of high-end vehicles especially should make sure they have coverage before leaving on a trip.

Benefits of Holiday Car Insurance

Even if you have some other form of auto insurance, you could benefit from purchasing more comprehensive travel auto insurance. If you decide to get travel car insurance, you can enjoy the following benefits:
  • car replacement or repair – Full coverage to replace or repair your vehicle as needed after an accident or break-down while on vacation.
  • medical expenses – Should you or your passengers require hospitalization after a car accident, travel car insurance could cover your full medical costs.
  • accidental death – If a car accident results in the death of you or a passenger, car insurance will cover full funeral and cancellation expenses for the benefit of your loved ones.
Options for High-End Vehicles

Holiday car insurance is especially important for the high-end vehicle. Make sure your high-end vehicle coverage includes:
  • foreign coverage– If you’re driving your own car, you may think you have the best luxury vehicle coverage already, but you may not be covered while out of state or out of the country.
  • rental car company insurance – The cost of replacing or repairing a luxury vehicle, even a rental, can set you back for years! Make sure you're covered, even if you're renting.
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