Health Insurance For Veterans: Benefits From Your Service

Because of the Veterans' Health Care Eligibility Reform Act of 1996, more veterans of US military service qualify for health insurance for veterans than in past years.  The VA provides a comprehensive basic health benefits package that includes preventive and primary care medical treatment and inpatient and outpatient care.

Health Insurance for Veterans:  Benefits from Your Service

Veterans enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration can manage their health care online using MyHealtheVet. Down the line the VA plans to allow vets to access their electronic medical records via MyHealthVet, and in the meantime veterans are able to refill prescriptions using the webpage and even keep an online medical journal.

Many military veterans require more than basic health care benefits and the VA has a wide range of health programs for eligible persons with service-connected health conditions. One of the most necessary and "popular"  veterans health insurance programs provides treatment to veterans who suffer from the alcohol or drug dependency.

If you are a veteran suffering from drug or alcohol dependence you may be eligible for alcoholic and substance abuse treatment through the VA. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website - offers comprehensive information about the government's programs for the prevention and treatment of substance abuse among veterans.

Am I Eligible for Vetern's Health Insurance?

If you are a service veteran who has received an honorable discharge, discharge under honorable conditions, or general discharge, the character of your discharge will not be an factor in determining your eligibility for Veterans health Insurance. And there is no length of service requirement for former enlisted persons who started active duty before September 8, 1980 or for former officers who started active duty before October 17, 1981. Other veterans must have accumulated at least 24 months of continuous active military service to qualify for health insurance for veterans. Contact your local Veterans Administration for more information about how to apply for the veterans health insurance benefits for which you are eligible.

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