Health Insurance Coverage Details - Fishermen

Health insurance provides benefit related to medical expenses occurred for illness or injury.  Health insurance coverage can be purchased by any person regardless of their occupation or profession. This includes fisherman and other types of workers who have a need to provide health insurance coverage for themselves or their families.

Fisherman Partnership Health Plan

There is no special coverage designed specifically for fisherman that is any different than coverage provided for fire fighters, police officers, teachers, municipal workers and other commercial or industrial workers. There is an organization, the Fisherman Partnership Health Plan that works as an association for fisherman in order to provide low cost health insurance coverage for those individuals involved in commercial fishing. This plan is no different than other types of employer-related group insurance plans that are available for different professions.

Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage at a base level pays for those expenses related to illness or injury that occur on or off the job. Policies that are occupation plans provide coverage for illness or injury that occurs on and off the job. Non-occupational plans provide benefits for injury or illness that occurs off the job only. These plans are usually associated with employer-sponsored or related plans because they are combined with a state’s worker’s compensation plan that pays health insurance benefits for on the job injury or illness.


The plans have deductibles, which is the amount of first dollar expense paid by the policy owner or plan participant. This expense is the out-of-pocket expense paid by the insured before medical benefits are paid by the insurance company. The level of deductible is set by the insured and the higher the deductible chosen, the lower the premium cost.

Coinsurance Requirements

In addition to the deductible, the coverage has a coinsurance requirement that represents the amount of cost sharing for the medical expense between the insured and the insurance company.  A coinsurance requirement can be 80/20 where the insurance company pays 80 percent of the medical expense and the insured pays 20 percent of that expense. The use of the coinsurance requirement helps the insurance company control costs and the insured to make better choices about the necessity of a medical procedure or expense.

Individual and Family Coverage

The coverage can be for individual or families. Family coverage provides ways to keep down deductibles by charging a single deductible under a common accident provision. This is a situation where several members of the family are involved in an accident. A family deductible allows the deductible for a plan year to be satisfied when multiple visits are made. Restoration of Benefits happens when a family goes a plan year without incurring a medical expense.

Medical coverage for fisherman does not differ from plans offered to other types of individuals or professions.  There is nothing extraordinary about fisherman medical insurance coverage. Those individuals involved in commercial fishing should look to organizations such as the Fishing Partnership Health Plan in order to find benefits that are affordable and designed to take care of themselves or their families.



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