Health Insurance - Therapist

Your health insurance may cover visits to a therapist, but not all plans offer this coverage. You will need to check your policy to see exactly what types of counseling coverage you have. You will also need to check with your therapist to see what he or she accepts.

Counseling Insurance

Family and personal counseling is often offered through company insurance plans. Most of these plans cover a limited number of sessions in order to help employees recover from a tragedy. Even if you have not experienced a tragedy, you can still use the services if you feel you are in need. Asking your human resource assistance will provide you with options; if you are not comfortable with this, you may call your plan administrator.

Insurance for Therapist Visits

If you need to see a medical professional outside of the basic counseling services you are offered, you may require additional mental health coverage. Most plans will offer this, but there may be a very high deductible. This means you could be left paying for the first few months of visits out-of-pocket. Insurance companies do this to prevent people who only need to see a therapist on a limited basis from rushing out to do so.

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