Health Insurance - Prescription Coverage from Canada

Health insurance prescription coverage is offered by the Canadian government as a benefit to Canadians. However, some Canadians opt to use private insurance. There are three ways that citizens can get health insurance prescription coverage:

1. Provincial and Territorial Plans

Each Province or Territory has a list of authorized prescriptions that it will reimburse residents for. If a doctor writes a prescription for medication that's not on the list, the patient can seek a special authorization for coverage of that prescription by filling out a Drug Special Authorization Form.

2. Third-Party Insurance

This is offered primarily by employers as a group benefit. These can cover all or some of your prescriptions, depending on the terms of the policy. Like the government benefit, health insurance prescription coverage offered by private insurance may also cover an employee's spouse and dependents.

3. Federal Plans

Public Service Employees, the Royal Mounted Police, members of the Canadian Forces and other employees of the Canadian government receive health insurance prescription coverage that is sponsored by the government under the Public Service Health Care Plan, Canadian Forces Health Services, Interim Federal Health Program and National Defense Health Services. 

The wide range of prescriptions available to patients with health insurance prescription coverage is extensive. With the ability to apply for special authorization, Canadians could get coverage for all of their medications.


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