Health Insurance - Cosmetic Surgery

If you are looking to get any kind of cosmetic surgery, insurance probably will not cover the procedure. Most health insurance policies cover only medically necessary procedures, though some may offer discounts for cosmetic surgeries if you are willing to pay an additional fee on your monthly premium. If you can prove medical necessity for cosmetic surgery, such as in the case of women with large breasts having back problems from carrying the additional weight, you may be able to get your regular health insurance to cover the cosmetic breast reduction surgery. If breathing problems exist, a nasal reconstructive surgery may also be covered.

If you want cosmetic surgery for the sake of having it done, you will have to pay for it out right. Some doctors may finance the cost, while some may provide a discount for multiple visits. Some people have turned to other countries for many plastic surgery procedures, for the simple fact that they are much cheaper than procedures done in the United States, even when travel and lodging are factored in. If you are looking to get any sort of cosmetic surgery, prepare to pay in cash as much as possible and remember the cost of the procedure usually does not include anesthesia or the operating room.

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