Have a Home Service? Insurance Benefits

If you have home service, insurance rates for you and your home may be lower. Carefully examine your service and your insurance policy to determine if you are eligible for discounts and other benefits.

What Is a Home Service?

In order to understand why you may get some insurance benefits from having a home service, you should understand what a home service company is.

A home service company provides help around the home for all kinds of tasks, from simple to complex. Much of their service is focused on completing routine and seasonal tasks around the house.

The other major function of a home services provider is to complete repairs around the home.

Many people, including the elderly who are unable to keep up a home on their own, busy professionals, young mothers and those who are ill, appreciate the services provided by home services companies.

Yard care services may include cleaning gutters, raking leaves, cleaning up flowerbeds, mowing lawns and planting.

Handyman services might include repairs to roofs, installing handicap friendly equipment such as grab bars and ramps, making ADA modifications, fixing electrical or plumbing problems, flooring and painting.

A major part of any home services company is their senior care division. With the goal of allowing seniors to remain in their homes as long as possible, home service companies may offer meal preparation, companionship, outings, cleaning, yard care, and companionship.
Homeowner’s Insurance Benefits

Having a home services company may provide you some benefits on your homeowner’s insurance, including lower rates.

Insurance companies offer discounts for security systems, extra secure door locks and for window locks. If your home services provider can install any of these items or monitor a security system, then you will likely get benefits on your homeowner’s insurance.

You may also get discounts for making a home ADA compliant, particularly if you have a disabled or injured person in the home. The more accommodations you have in place for such a person, the lower the chance of accidents and other problems.

Insurance companies will often reward homeowners for such foresight and care by offering lower rates for them or removing extra fees from the cost of homeowner’s insurance.

Health Insurance Benefits

There are possible benefits for health insurance when using a home service as well. When an elderly or ill person has regular, in home care, the possibility of accidents and illness is decreased, thus decreasing the cost to the insurance provider. Therefore, they may offer lower rates or specific discounts.

Possible Insurance for Home Services

There is a chance that your health insurance will provide coverage for home services or that you can qualify for a separate insurance policy that covers home services.

A home services insurance policy provides coverage for aged, ill or mentally incapacitated residents while allowing them the ability to remain in their individual homes.

This means increased dignity for the clients, cheaper care for the client and insurance company, and happier clients, which benefits insurance companies as well.


If you are looking into a home services company, also examine you insurance polices to see if they provide any discounts or benefits as a result of using a home services company.

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