Have A Bird? Pet Insurance Benefits To Keep Flying

When it comes to protecting our flying pets, you may wonder if a bird pet insurance policy is even available. The good news is that it is out there! Here are some things to consider when buying this kind of policy.

What is Covered Under the Policy

Although this is a specialized coverage, and not all insurance carriers provide it, there are a handful of companies that offer bird pet insurance. The two primary reasons to have this type of insurance for your flying pet are to cover theft/loss and illness.

Exotic or rare birds are prime targets for theft and ultimate sale on the international black market. The loss of such a rare bird – if it flies off, for example – can be devastating. Coverage is available for loss and/or theft.

Did you know that certain breeds of birds, especially parrots, can live for 100 years or longer? During this lifetime, myriad illnesses can befall your pet bird. Bird pet insurance covers the cost of treatment and medical expenses for your flying friend.

Types of Medical Expense Coverage

Coverage is available for major medical treatment, such as surgeries and severe illness. There is also coverage for minor expenses, including X-rays, hospitalization and lab fees. Since captive birds tend toward injuring themselves, you may want to consider a self-mutilation policy as well.


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