Group Travel Insurance: Protection You Need While Vacationing

Group travel insurance provides the exact same protection as individual travel insurance, excect that it counts for every member of your vacationing party. In order to apply for group travel insurance, you usually must be traveling in group of 10 or more.

Group Advantages

  • As a bulk package, group travel insurance will be cheaper than individual travel insurance.
  • No matter the age, gender, race, etc. of a traveler in the group, everyone is covered the exact same way for the exact same price.
  • Types of Group Travel Coverage
  • Trip cancellation: if your trip gets cancelled before it begins.
  • Trip interruption: if you trip ends abruptly.
  • Lost baggage: if you luggage of personal belongings get lost.
  • Accident and illness medical expenses:  if any member of your part gets sick or hurt and requires medical attention and services.
  • Business coverage: Businesses can get group coverage for teams of employees that travel domestically or internationally. Business group travel insurance covers things such as equipment, missed meetings, and all of the other basic reimbursements included in individual business travel insurance.

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