Group Liability Insurance: Cover All Your Basis

Group liability insurance protects members of a group, such as a business, against being sued for damage to other people and other peoples’ properties. A group is defined as any collection of people that is publicly perceived to be a group. Group coverage has the same coverage as individual liability coverage. Group liability insurance is perfect for physicians who are part of group practices.     


Businesses that split their workers into groups, such as managers, personnel, and employers, can get group liability insurance to protect each individual sector. Under the policies, the group’s members, and their assets, will be protected. Different groups can be covered under different limits and structures.   

Insurance companies do not differentiate between any members of a group. Each member is treated exactly the same and all are accepted under the policy. One member cannot be targeted for denial of coverage.

Like all bulk packages, group liability insurance is cheaper than individual liability insurance. The more members that your group has, the larger the discount you can probably get. Also, the value of coverage is higher.

As an individual, if you are somehow sued because of something that your colleague did, group coverage insures you. Being part of a group legally means that you share responsibilities and individual liability insurance may not protect you in this type of situation.        

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