Group Insurance Education From Your Broker

Group insurance broker represents you in negotiations with insurance companies, helping you find the best group insurance. Unlike other insurance policies, group insurance involves more than one client at the time, which makes the negotiations trickier.  

What is group insurance?

Group insurance is an insurance policy that covers a group of people – members of social groups, employees that work for the same employer and professions that belong to a certain category. Small businesses often use group insurance to provide benefits for their employees.  The term “group insurance” can indicate any type of insurance policy – home insurance, vehicle insurance, health insurance, home insurance, etc. One of the major benefits of a group insurance is that the insurance companies treat the entire group as the same entity. Everybody pays the same rates, regardless of their individual circumstances.

Step 1 – Figure out your needs

Before turning to your broker, figure out what kind of group insurance policy you want and who you want to include under it. Most group insurance plans will cover no more then fifty people. The more people you include, the smaller your premiums will be. When it comes to deciding what kind of coverage you want, you have to strike a balance. Too little coverage would leave the participants venerable, but too much coverage will strain your finances on the long run.

Step 2 – Consult your broker

Once you figured out what kind of policy you are looking for, run it by your broker. There is a number of ways he or she can help you. That includes:

  • Help you find the best rates possible
  • Recommend any applicable discounts
  • Suggest ways in which you can reduce your rates
  • Keep you updated on the latest insurance trends and adjust your policy accordingly.

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