Getting Your Individual Best Car Insurance Rate

Finding the best car insurance rate can take research and diligence. In order to find the best car insurance rate, you need to ask insurers the right questions, choose the right coverage, and take advantage of applicable discounts.

 Step 1 - Obey the Law

The easiest way to get the best car insurance rate possible is to have a good driving history.  With a good history, you are able to demonstrate to that you not only drive responsiby but are also smart about your choices.  If you have received multiple tickets or been involved in many accidents, you will be considered a “high risk” driver by the insurer and consequently receive a higher monthly premium.  It's always best to follow the speed limits and maintain the rules of the road.

 Step 2 - Research Insurance Companies

When searching for the best car insurance rate, you’ll be need to compare a few insurance companies.  Be sure to choose insurers who are licensed to operate in your state and who are reputable.  Research Standard & Poor’s ratings on the financial strength of your possible choices because the rating will help you determine where the company financially stands and their ability to pay your claim. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to read customer reviews and ratings for each company.

Step 3 - Only Get the Coverage You Need

Another way to get the best car insurance rate for your needs is to tailor your policy accordingly. For example:

  • raise your deductible if you have enough money to pay for repairs in the event of an accident (raising your deductible saves hundreds of dollars a year on your premium);
  • do not purchase collision insurance if you drive an older car that has depreciated in value.
 Step 4 - Ask About Discounts

There are several types of car insurance discounts available for those searching for the best car insurance rate. Ask your possible insurers if they offer the following discounts.

  • Low-Mileage: Most insurers offer savings for individuals who don’t put many miles on their car. Low-mileage drivers pose much less risk for the insurer than individuals who drive thousands of miles each year. If you work from home or are a college student and only drive during the summer, ask about a low-mileage discount.
  • Multi-Car: If you need to insure more than one vehicle, many companies offer multi-car or family discounts.
  • Multi-Insurance: If you’re need to purchase other types of insurance, such as homeowners, renters, or health insurance, select an insurance company offering several types of coverage. If you purchase more than one type of insurance through a single company, they’ll reward you with a discount on one or all policies.
  • Safety Discounts: If your car has noteworthy safety features, such as Anti-Lock Brakes, alarms, airbags, and automatic seat belts, ask for a safety discount.

Step 5 - Buy Online

Once you’ve selected the most reputable insurer who offers the best car insurance rate, consider purchasing your policy online. Online purchasing can save the insurance company time and personell investments since they would not involve sales agents or other staff.  The insurer will provide you with discounts.
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