Getting Pregnancy Insurance Coverage After Conception?

There is no pregnancy insurance coverage after a woman becomes pregnant. The purpose of insurance is to provide a benefit in advance of a condition or risk that will produce a loss for the insurer. An insurer is not inclined to cover the cost of pregnancy after a women has become pregnant. Aside from purchasing life insurance protection on the life of a pregnant woman and baby, there are not a lot of legitimate insurance options that are available during pregnancy.

Maternity Protection Plans

Such policies called maternity leave insurance or maternity advantage insurance purport to deal with issues that arise after childbirth. As an insurance consumer, you should question any advertisement or company that holds themselves out as providing insurance for such things as medical exams, well-baby care and birthing after the pregnancy has begun.

Checking the Validity of Coverage

The use of the term pregnancy insurance should be checked with your state’s commissioner of insurance to determine its legitimacy.  If you come across an offer for pregnancy insurance, ask what the policy benefits are and how they cover pregnancy.  If the policy does not cover prenatal or well baby care or other expenses associated with labor or delivery, it is a good bet that the coverage is not insurance.


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