Getting Home Insurance: What Information To Keep Handy

Having home insurance information on hand when applying for coverage helps with the underwriting process and can help get your insurance in place sooner. When you meet with an agent to discuss home insurance as a home owner, the company is going to need to have certain information about you, the property and the lender.

Information About the Home
The company is going to need the appraised value of the home and information about the type of home it is. This includes whether or not it is a new or existing home, the neighborhood as determined by the zip code, and any problems or concerns noted during the home’s inspection. There are more important features included in the appraisal that an agent will require, such as square footage, site dimensions, room counts and additional features of a property.

Information Concerning the Mortgage
Regarding the lender the insurance company needs to know the amount of the loan and the terms of mortgage, for example whether it is a 15 or 30-year loan. All of this information can be kept in a notebook or file for ready access when requested by the home insurance agent.

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