Fishing Boat Insurance: 3 Reasons You Need It

If you have a fishing boat, then fishing boat insurance is a vital component of your boat ownership.

Fishing boats have special needs, and special fishing boat insurance will protect you, your boat and your equipment.

Here are three reasons you need to buy insurance:


It is common for fishermen to have electronic fishing equipment. The equipment helps find and locate fish. Additionally, much of a fisherman's equipment can be permanently attached to the boat.  Fishing boat insurance covers those expensive items that are so vital to fishing.

It is also important to note that equipment is particularly susceptible to theft or damage.


Boats can be damaged in close quarters by other boats or can be damaged by rocks, branches and sandbars near the shoreline. Rather than rely on general liability insurance,  you should purchase good fishing boat insurance that specifically addresses those losses to others.

Loss of Income Riders

The best fishing boat insurance will also compensate a fisherman due to loss of income.  For example, if someone was unable to attend a fishing tournament because of a loss to his or her boat, the insurance will compensate for the loss of income.

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