Finding The Right Student Short Term Health Insurance

A student short term health insurance plan is offered by most colleges and universities as a way to provide health insurance benefits. These plans provide blanket coverage that covers an entire student body as a whole and can be obtained at a low cost. This is a valuable benefit for families who need to meet the healthcare needs of their students and want an affordable way to do so.

Blanket Coverage Plans

A blanket coverage plan provides coverage that is written on a group basis for a student body at a college or university. The nature of these plans helps offset the costs associated with medical procedures required by a student during their time in school. The plans are typically capped at an overall plan or benefit maximum, which are set fairly high and are funded with student fees.

Many schools require students to participate in these plans as a way to limit their liability when a student becomes ill or injured. The plans work in tandem with any student health services that are provided on campus and can help reduce health insurance costs for a family.

Types of Benefits

The types of benefits that are provided with these plans include routine exams, payments for catastrophic care and emergency procedures. The plans work in concert with any services that are provided by the school and can work with a student’s existing coverage that their parent’s have. The plans are subject to an overall limit that applies to all participants.  

The benefits are uniform for all plan participants and do not have a lot of variation. The purpose of the coverage is to meet the basic health needs of the student during the time that they are enrolled in a 2 or 4-year degree program. The benefits are available for the time the student is enrolled or to a certain age such as 25, whichever is the soonest.

Application Process for Plans

The plans are based on a group or community rating and require little medical underwriting. This is accomplished by the fact that the coverage is based on a large population, which is easy to use to gauge the predictability of certain health risks. This group or community rating helps to lower the cost of coverage and provide a valuable benefit for the students and their families.

Short term health insurance plans for students are a valuable benefit that helps meet the needs of a college or universities students. The benefits provided in these plans reduce the school’s liability and allow the student and families to focus on their education with needing to worry about the expense associated with health care.

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