Finding the Right International Insurance Brokers

International insurance brokers use their expertise and knowledge of the insurance market to help you buy international insurance. While some are “buyers brokers,” who work for you directly, most work for several insurance companies at the time, selling insurance on their behalf while letting you choose which policy to go with.

What is international insurance?

International insurance is insurance that is available outside the policyholder’s native country. The term encompasses a wide variety of policies. While it usually means health insurance and life insurance, it can also be applied to vehicle insurance and property insurance. 

Tip 1 – Examine the field

If you already have a broker, ask if he or she covers international insurance. If that’s not the case, or if you don’t have a broker to begin with, you can look up international insurance brokers using print directories such as Yellow Pages and various Internet search engines. You can also ask your current broker for recommendations. 

Tip 2 – Narrow the field

Once you have a list of potential international insurance brokers, be mindful of your insurance needs. If you have a vehicle that needs insuring, don’t settle for a broker that only specializes in international heath insurance, look for one that has a broad insurance base. It's also important to ask your broker for recommendations on the types of insurance coverage you should consider.  Decide what coverage you really need, and what coverage you can do without. 

Tip 3 – Look up brokers’ credentials

Make sure that the potential brokers have proper credentials and a good record.  You can find this information on the state insurance commissioner’s office, which has the records of all the licensed brokers. If the office has no record of any of the potential brokers, it can mean they are not authorized for their business. Be sure to ask many questions and spend time researching consumer complaint websites. Although the websites are not always accurate, they should give you some sense as to what kind of individual you will be dealing with.

Don't do business with anyone you don't feel a sense of comfort with.  Your broker should understand your needs and provide you with good customer service.

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