Finding Low Cost Health Insurance - New York State

The sad truth is that in New York state, "low cost" health insurance is a relative term. Laws meant to protect health insurance eligibility also make finding affordable health insurance harder.

A quick search for individual health insurance plans in New York under $300 per month turns up a single hospital-only plan. If you don't have health insurance through your employer or labor union, affordable health insurance is available through umbrella organizations or a public option. Here are some tips to finding an affordable individual health insurance plan in New York state.

Healthy New York is a New York State health insurance program - a "public option" that is available to small business owners, self-employed and individuals who qualify on residency, previous coverage and income. This should be the first stop for all New Yorkers seeking affordable health insurance. Plans cost $175-$400 for individuals.

For self-employed, the Freelancers Insurance Company (FIC) provides affordable health insurance in New York state. FIC offers a PPO plan with doctors visit coverage for just under $250. Fractured Atlas and Media Bistro also offer affordable health insurance plans for New York state sole proprietors in arts and media.

Check with any national trade association that you may be associated with, such as the National Association for Realtors. Most affinity organizations also provide health insurance options to their members.



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