Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Without Sacrificing Quality

There are ways to find cheap auto insurance without sacrificing good coverage. First you’ll need to find a trustworthy auto insurance company. Then, you’ll need to compare the car insurance policies, rates, and terms of each of your top choices. Here’s how to find a cheap auto insurance policy that doesn’t skimp on coverage.

1. Solid Reputation

During the search for cheap auto insurance, many of us just focus on how much our monthly payment will be. While premium rates are important, you’ll still want to find an auto insurance provider that has a solid reputation. Start by weeding out companies that seem fraudulent. You’ll want to select one that you know will be there for you if you ever have to submit a claim. You can go online to read customer reviews, and be sure to check the Standard & Poor’s financial strength rating of each of your top choices.

Another way to check the insurers reputation is to find out if they offer other types of insurance, such as homeowner’s or health. If they do, you can assume that they have a strong customer base and, most likely, a good reputation.

Also be sure to confirm that the insurance company is licensed to operate in your state. Not all insurers have a license in every state.

2. Top Customer Service Ratings

Next, check the company’s customer service ratings. You can visit your state’s Department of Insurance website to read actual customer reviews and complaint information. You’ll thank yourself for having an insurer with good customer service if you ever need to submit a claim. It is, after all, possible to find a cheap auto insurance company that pays claims on time and in-full.

3. Consult Your Body Shop Manager

It’s always a smart idea to get advice from someone who has experience and knowledge. Who has more experience dealing with car insurance companies than a local body shop manager? Before settling on which cheap auto insurance to purchase, stop by your local body shop and ask the manager his or her opinion. They’ll be able to tell you which company is best at handling and processing claims, which uses cheaper aftermarket parts (instead of original manufacturer parts), and which company offers low rates with good coverage.

4. Find the Best Deal

Once you’ve narrowed your search to two or three top companies, it’s time to find the one with the lowest premium. Once you’ve selected your policy, ask each company if you are eligible for any discounts, such as low-mileage, group rates, multi-car, or student deals. Then, choose the company that you feel is most trustworthy, responsive, financially-stable, and offers the best cheap auto insurance that fits your driving needs and budget.

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