Find Pet Insurance Appropriate For Your Animal

If you have a pet and want to protect it, you may want to find pet insurance that will work for your particular situation. Answer the following questions to determine which one is right for you.

What Type of Pet(s) Do You Have?

The U.S. has an estimated dog and cat population of 100 million, and some 5 million households have birds as pets. Maybe you have several pets. There are pet insurance policies that cover all kinds of creatures – not just dogs, cats and birds, but also horses, lizards, rodents, reptiles, turtles and others.

Do You Have Pedigreed or Exotic Pets?

Naturally, a pet with a pedigree or an exotic, rare pet will cost more in premiums to insure. Some pedigree dogs, for example, may be susceptible to particular types of illnesses, while some exotic birds or other pets are prime theft targets, often winding up for sale on the black market. It may cost a bit more to insure these pets, but you can easily find pet insurance to cover them.

Do You Need Lifetime or Time-Limited Coverage?

Pet insurance policies are available in lifetime or time-limited coverage.

  • Lifetime Policy -- provides broad coverage over the life of the pet. This is particularly attractive to owners of pedigree pets. The lifetime coverage renews annually without any break.
  • Time-Limited Policy – covers a specified time period (usually 12 months), costs less than lifetime coverage, and must be renewed to continue coverage beyond the initial period.

Do You Have Any Other Unusual Circumstances?

Are you a renter? Do you have multiple pets you need to find pet insurance for? Ask yourself if there are any other unique or unusual circumstances pertinent to your quest to find pet insurance for your pets.


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