Find New Auto Insurance Deals

People seeking new auto insurance are in luck. There are tons of deals out there for people willing to find them.

Begin Your Search
It's best to do a lot of research and shop around before signing the dotted line. Don't settle for the company offering the lowest premium. Often, your best bet is to go with the company with high customer service ratings and a solid reputation. After all, if you actually need to submit a claim one day, you'll want to be with a company who is there for you and has your best interests in mind.

Narrow Your Choices
The first thing you can do is check your state's Department of Insurance website for rates, customer reviews, complaints, and rankings of popular auto insurers. This will give you a good overview of competing insurers and will help you narrow your list of new auto insurance companies. Once you've found a few companies that seem to fit the bill, you can delve deeper to compare the deals that each offers. Be sure to keep your eye out for the following new auto insurance deals.

Multi-Car or Family Discounts

Do you need to insure more than one car? Well, you're not alone. Most companies offer multi-car or family discounts if you insure more than one car with the company.

Pay-As-You-Drive Deals

Many companies offer deals to those who spend less time behind the wheel. If your car sits in a garage 80% of the year, you'll most likely get a discount. After all, you are considered much less of a risk than someone who commutes an hour every day to work and puts 20,000 miles on their car each year. So if you work from home, or you're a college student with a car sitting in your parent's garage, look for a new auto insurance company who offers pay-as-you-drive rates.

Make it Easy for Them

Another way to find a great deal on new auto insurance is to pay your policy in full, or sign up for electronic funds transfer. This saves the company time, energy, and most importantly, billing and processing fees. If you have the financial resources at your fingertips, go ahead and make the payments. If you make their job easy, chances are they'll reward you with a discount.

Show Responsibility

Some companies offer deals to those who prove that they are responsible. For example, your credit score is a large factor in the cost of your premium. If you are responsible and pay your bills on time, you'll impress auto insurers with your high credit score and will likely receive a good deal on your rate. If you are a student on the Dean's List or Honor Roll, you may also be eligible to receive a Student Discount (if you maintain your grades!).

Put all of Your Eggs in one Basket

If you're looking not only for new auto insurance, but for homeowner's insurance as well, you may be able to find a good deal from a company who can provide you with both. This is a 2-for-1 sale for them, and they'll make it a good deal for you, too.

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