Filing Your Mortgage Insurance Claim? 4 Helpful Hints

When you bought your home, you also purchased unemployment mortgage insurance; now you've been laid off, and need to file a mortgage insurance claim. Filing a claim under your unemployment mortgage insurance is not that difficult. However, there are a few things that you need to make sure that you do - so you don't run in to any roadblocks. Here are a few tips on how to make your claim for benefits under your unemployment mortgage insurance policy go a little smoother and faster:

Tip Number One - Don't Wait

As soon as you are laid off, contact your insurance agent and inform him/her that you've been laid off from your job; also, ask him/her how you need to proceed in filing a claim under your policy. He or she will probably either mail you claim forms, tell you to contact the claims department directly or direct you to a website where you can download the claim forms. Follow his/her directions and obtain the claim forms.

Tip Number Two - Get It in Writing

If you've been laid off, maybe you received written notification of the layoff and maybe you did not. If you did not receive a written layoff notice, ask your employer to provide you with one. This will help in speeding the processing of your unemployment mortgage insurance claim.

Tip Three - Make Copies

Before providing benefits under your unemployment mortgage insurance policy, your insurer may require information about monthly expenses, other than your mortgage. Therefore, prepare copies of all utility bills, phone bills and other required monthly expenses.

Some unemployment mortgage insurance policies extend coverage for you essential monthly expenses -- in addition to mortgage payments. Therefore, you will need to provide copies of these types of documents to the insurer, before you can receive benefits for these types of monthly expenses.

Tip Four - Be Proactive

In order to speed the processing of your claim, don't wait for the insurance company to call you for information. Make sure that you ask them about all documentation that is required, and submit that information to the insurer as soon as possible. Furthermore, ask them to describe to you their claims process and give you an approximate timeframe for the completion of processing your claim.

Always ask the claims adjuster, if there is something you can do to help speed the processing of you insurance claim. Work with the claims adjuster - not against him/her. Being cooperative and polite to the adjuster will only serve to help your claim be processed faster.

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