Filing Flood Insurance Claims in 2 Easy Steps

Flood insurance claims are usually filed during times of extreme chaos. In order to correctly file and collect on your flood insurance, be prepared to file a claim by following these two easy steps.

Step 1 -  Prepare Before the Flood

Have the contact information of your agent and insurance company at hand. Also, have access to your policy number in order to keep the filing process moving smoothly and quickly. Make sure that your insurance company has your current contact information so that it can get in touch with you. Have an idea of where you will go if you need to leave your home, and provide your insurance company with that information.

Step 2 -  Report Immediately

Contact your insurance company immediately. After a little time, an insurance agent will come to your home to assess the situation. Your insurance company will file a Notice of Loss Form. Take pictures of the damage, write things down, and shoot videos. If there is significant water in your home, make sure to document how high the water level is. Dispose of property that has become hazardous.  Make an inventory list of your home, being as specific as possible. The more documentation that you can present to the insurance agent, the better your claim will be.         

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