Filing Effective Property Insurance Claims: 5 Easy Steps

Filing property insurance claims for property damages caused by vandalism or theft, demands effective steps to make the process faster. If you make the right actions and gather the necessary documentation before submitting it to your insurance company, your claim will be taken cared of immediately.

Steps to File a Claim

  1. Inform the police the very moment the crime is discovered. Ask for at least two copies of the investigation report. Keep one for your personal files and submit the other one as proof of evidence together with the property insurance claim documents.
  2. Call the insurance company as soon as possible. Briefly relate what happened and tell them of your plan to file a claim. The insurer will give you instructions on how to do it. A set of forms is given for you to fill up and accomplish.
  3. Aside from the police investigation report, gather other evidences of the damaged property. Photographs or videos are good examples. Receipts or proofs of purchase of stolen properties make the claim more sufficient. Retrieve these documents if you still have them.
  4. Make sure that you show the insurance's adjuster the proofs you gathered during the property inspection. It will be noted on his report.
  5. If repairs are necessary, see to it that you keep the receipt of each item used. The insurance company will reimburse you for it.

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