Fact Sheet: The Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is an insurance coverage that many people use to limit their risk. Those that purchase new cars usually always get it while those with used cars may elect not to get it. The three main parts to a "full coverage" auto policy are collision, comprehensive and liability. Comprehensive represents an important part of insurance coverage that limits your risk to damage inflicted that was not the result of hitting another car. There are many benefits to this type of coverage.

Theft and Vandalism

If your car is stolen or vandalized, a comprehensive policy will cover your loss. Car theft is a real threat. If your car is stolen, you need something to cover the loss. Let's say that you just bought a brand new Lexus. The price tag was $60,000. For some reason you decided to get an insurance policy that did not have comprehensive coverage. Your car is stolen out of your driveway and the police cannot locate it. You now have an auto loan for $60,000, but no car to drive. You have to make the huge monthly payment and you don't even have a car. This can be a devastating situation for anyone. For the huge benefit you would receive, comprehensive coverage is well worth it for situations like this that could come up.


Comprehensive insurance covers your car from faulty and damaging weather conditions. For example, the insurance would cover your car from an icy limbs falling down on to car windshields and other weather occurrences. With comprehensive auto insurance, the insurance company will cover the damages and repair costs. Without it, you have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars out of your pocket to cover the repairs.

Animal Damage

If you are involved in a car accident due to an animal, comprehensive insurance will cover the damages. For example, let's say that you're driving along a country road in the middle of the night and come upon a cow in the middle of the road. It is too late to stop so you slam head-on into the cow and your car is damaged badly. With comprehensive car insurance, your loss would be covered.

Lower Deductible

Another great thing about comprehensive coverage is that the deductible is often lower than a collision loss. For example, if you have a $500 collision deductible, then you might have a $250 comprehensive deductible. This makes a comprehensive loss a little bit easier to pay for. In most cases, the cost is relatively small and inexpensive.

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