Exotic Pet Insurance That Your Foreign Pets Need

Although your pet may meet the definition of "exotic", affordable exotic pet insurance is available to help offset the cost of meeting the health care requirements of your exotic pet. Exotic pets are as vulnerable to illness and accident as any other animal. While the policy you purchase may be specifically oriented towards exotic pet health care, it does not have to be more expensive than the health insurance purchased for ordinary pets.

  • Exotic pets can be more susceptible to more illnesses than other types of pets, and may require the services of a veterinarian specializing in exotic animal illnesses. Many exotic pet insurance providers cover the cost of an exotic pet veterinary specialist.
  • Reptiles experience an unexpected visit to the veterinarian 40% more frequently than other pets, and there are exotic pet insurance policies geared towards the health care requirements of pet reptiles.
  • Owners of truly exotic, valuable pets such as certain species of reptiles require exotic health insurance to protect against theft.
  • There are pet owners who have invested a lot of money acquiring and caring for an exotic pet and these owners would benefit from exotic pet insurance protecting them against unexpected death and helping to offset the price of a replacement.

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