Evaluating A Home Insurance Price Quote - What's Reasonable?

A home insurance price quote is based on the amount of coverage that you need and the provisions required by the state to reimburse you for the full market value of your loss. This loss may be due to damage or destruction caused by natural causes (other than hurricanes and floods) as well as liability from negligence. The cost for home insurance varies by region and the quote you receive should take this in account.

Rates by State

The Southern and Gulf States of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas have the highest average home owner insurance rates in the country, topping out at a little over $1,100. Utah and Wisconsin have some of the lowest rates around $450 on average. This range should give you some ideal of what should be reasonable based on the state you live in.

Check Rates Online

To best evaluate the rate you receive for home insurance, check online with a site that publishes home owner insurance rate averages by state. These sites will provide you with a guide to base your rate evaluation.

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