Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Attacks?

If you have a pet, especially if you have an aggressive breed of dog, you could be liable if someone were to be attacked by your animal, so make sure that in your homeowners insurance, dogs are a covered liability.

Don't Make Assumptions about Coverage

If you are concerned about protecting yourself from liability in case of dog bites or attacks on your property, don't just assume that it will be covered if it is not expressly stated. Be sure to read the exclusions to your policy as well as the section on liability and medical payments. Because dog attacks can cause serious damage and high medical bills, make sure your policy includes adequate medical payment coverage as well.

Dog Bite Risk

There are almost 5 million dog bites/dog attacks reported every year. Most victims are children, and the losses each year come close to a billion dollars. It is recommended that you have medical limits of at least $100,000 per incident. Because of the enormous losses incurred, more and more insurance companies are excluding dog bites or requiring the coverage to be purchased as a rider. Talk to your agent and make sure you are covered.

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