Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces?

Don’t be surprised to discover that your dental insurance, however exemplary it may be, does not cover braces. Braces are a major expenditure that can cost you up to $4000, and in extreme cases, even more. To receive insurance coverage on braces, you may need to seek supplementary orthodontic coverage.

Why Dental Insurance Doesn’t Cover Braces

Most dental insurance policies are designed to help you and your family in the event of a dental emergency and to provide you with preventative routine care to help prevent emergencies from occurring. Because orthodontics focuses on problems with the jaw or alignment of the teeth, dental insurance policies do not typically consider this type of care either vital or preventative, and thus will not cover it.

Supplementary Orthodontic Insurance

If you know that you or another family member will soon need braces, you can purchase supplementary orthodontic insurance to help offset the costs. You may opt to pay orthodontic insurance premiums either monthly or annually. Unfortunately, while your orthodontic insurance will likely cover the cost of visits to the orthodontist, it is unlikely to cover the total cost of your braces. A good orthodontic insurance policy will cover approximately half of the total costs you incur when acquiring and maintaining braces.

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