Do You Need A Long Term Care Insurance Broker?

A long term care insurance broker can help give you piece of mind for your future. The question is, do you need long term care insurance?

The Age to Start Looking for a Broker

Those under 65 generally don't need a long term care insurance broker. The average age to be admitted for long term care is 80. If you buy insurance at 40, you may be spending 40 years paying for insurance you may not need.

Those under 60 should not bother with long term care insurance yet.

At 60, assess whether or not you will need long term care. If you do, start looking for an insurance broker and buy at 65.

If you are between the ages of 55 to 60 and have a chronic illness, you should also find a long term insurance broker.

Wealth and Long Term Care Insurance Brokers

Those who are not wealthy enough to pay for long term care should find themselves a broker who can help them find the appropriate insurance.

Health Determines Long Term Care Insurance Eligibility

If you are over 65 and healthy, now is the time to find a broker. If you are ill, it may be too late to get insurance.

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