Do Combined Car-Homeowners Insurance Packages Cut Costs?

Combining car and homeowners insurance into a single policy may provide lower cost coverage for you and give you the protection that you need. The purchase of car insurance and homeowners insurance as one coverage lowers your premium costs and reduces the policy fees associated with the combined protection.

Policy Fees and Administrative Costs

When you request 2 different policies be issued for your home and your car, you incur 2 sets of administrative fees and other policy costs that are associated with issuing 2 separate policies. These fees are eliminated when they are written as 1 policy. The combined or dual protection policy only needs to be underwritten once to provide the necessary protection against loss for your home or vehicle. This results in 1 policy fee being charges and 1 administrative charge for the single policy.

Perform a Cost Comparison

You should request a quote from your agent for a single policy that provides coverage for both your car and home. Comparing the costs for a single policy with the cost of 2 separate policies should convince you that combining these policies makes sense.

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