Home Insurance And Dogs: Why Breed/Disposition Matter

Your home insurance covers you in case of damage done by your dogs. In terms of property damage, this may include damage to your home if a dog or other pet chews or ruins your electrical wires. Home insurance will also cover liability lawsuits filed against you if your dog injures another person.

Age and Size Matter

Puppies tend to cause more damage than older dogs. Similarly, large dogs cause more damage than small dogs. If you have a puppy that will grow large, expect higher premiums each month. You must declare your dog if you want the damages that the dog may cause covered on your policy. Inaccurately representing your pets is insurance fraud.

Breed and Disposition Matter

The most common factor determining how much it will cost to have a dog on your home insurance is breed. If your dog's breed is considered aggressive, there is a higher likelihood of a personal liability claim against you. Many insurance companies will exclude coverage for certain breeds, most commonly pit bulls. You should inquire with your home insurance company before getting a dog to determine if you can maintain your policy and at what expense.


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