Discount Auto Insurance For The Savvy Shopper

Discount auto insurance is out there, and it's up to the savvy shopper to find it! There are several ways to save money on auto insurance: some things you can control and will automatically reduce your premium. Other discounts require researching various insurance companies and finding one that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Automatic Savings: What You Can Control

There are several factors affecting the cost of your auto insurance that you can control, including:

  • the kind of car you drive
  • if your car has safety and anti-theft devices
  • where you livethe number of traffic tickets you receive
  • the number of accidents you're involved inyour credit history
The best way to get discount auto insurance is to be a smart, safe driver. Take a drivers training class. Even if you feel as though you don't need the class, taking it will lower your auto insurance for at least three years. When that discount expires, just take another class. It will pay for itself.

Also, if you're finances are in good shape and you can afford to pay repairs out-of-pocket, you can choose to increase your deductible. This automatically lowers your premium.

Other Discounts: What You Have to Find

As with most things, it's important to shop around. Discount auto insurance is widely available, but it's not likely to fall right under your nose. Research and compare price quotes from various companies, and ask about the following discounts:
  • If you're a homeowner or renter, find an insurance company that offers both auto and homeowners/renters insurance. If you choose to have the same company cover both insurances, you're likely to receive a discount on one or both!
  • Another good way to receive discount auto insurance is to negate possible billing or processing fees. Find a company that offers a discount if you pay your policy in full, or if you set up electronic funds transfer.
  • Some companies offer discounts for those who do not drive often. For example, if you are a college student and you leave your car in your parents' garage most of the year, you're probably eligible for a discount. There are even a few insurance companies out there that offer Pay-As-You-Drive policies.
  • Do you make good grades? Are you on the Dean's List or Honor Roll? Some companies offer discount auto insurance to students who prove to be responsible by excelling in school.
  • Find a company that rewards long-term policy holders. If you are loyal to a carrier for at least three years, you'll often receive a discount.
  • If you need to insure more than one vehicle, find a company that offers a family plan and multi-car discounts.

Become a Savvy Shopper

Finding true discount auto insurance means selecting a company with a solid reputation that offers deals for responsible drivers. If you focus on the factors you can control, and research ways to get additional savings, discount auto insurance can become a reality!

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