Dirt Bike Insurance Essentials For Professionals & Enthusiasts

Because dirt bikes are typically not street legal, the need for insurance coverage is often overlooked or ignored, but obtaining dirt bike insurance is essential for riders who want to have the peace of mind to know that their bike will be covered in the case of damage, loss, or theft.

Preventing Bike Theft

Because dirt bikes are often unregistered and easy to steal, be sure your policy has adequate theft coverage. Make sure your policy holder has fairly evaluated the replacement cost of the bike, and is aware of any special modifications or upgrades you have made that affect the value.
  • Carefully read the policy provisions to ensure coverage meets your needs, particularly if you compete;
  • Shop around for the best deal; many companies provide dirt bike insurance.
Medical Coverage

Because of the nature of the risk inherent in dirt bike riding, you should make sure the policy includes medical coverage in case you are injured while riding. You may be able to reduce the premium by wearing adequate safety gear and by taking a course on bike safety.

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