Direct Car Insurance: Your Best Bet

Direct car insurance is insurance that you buy directly from the company without going through an insurance agent or broker. Here are a few things you should know before you start searching for direct car insurance:

Shop Around

You should plan to shop around a bit when you start looking for direct car insurance.  Do not settle for the first quote you receive; you need to know what else is out there and available to you. Probably the fastest way is online, as you will have the most options in a visual setting.  Some websites allow you look at multiple quotes from different companies at once.  This is both easy and convenient as it allows you to receive a lot of information from entering your personal details only once.  If you prefer to look at each individual company's website, you can go straight to it and look at quotes and buy car insurance directly from the company's website as well.

Understand How a Quote is Formed

Car insurance requirements vary somewhat from state to state, though every state does require that every licensed driver have some amount of car insurance.  Direct car insurance quotes are typically formed from several different factors including how much insurance you want and detailed information about you and your car.  A lot of specific information goes into forming a quote including whether you live in a city or in the country, if you park your car on the street or in a garage, and what types of safety features your car has.  Be specific with all of the answers you give.  Also, never evade disclosing details of your personal driving record.  You will not only get a direct car insurance quote that is too low but the insurance company will quickly learn the truth as they do a driving background check on every driver they insure.  So, be honest about it from the start to get the most accurate quote in the most efficient way.

Discounts to Know About

You may qualify for various types of discounts which will lower the cost of your direct car insurance.  Discounts can come from a variety of sources, anything from your profession to your membership in AAA or other professional organizations can give you a discount.  If you combine your homeowners/renters insurance with your car insurance, by insuring them with the same company, you may qualify on a discount on one or both of the policies.  If you pay your direct car insurance bill electronically, it could save you on processing fees.  You should ask the company about any discounts that you may qualify for and take advantage of them.

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