Determine Medical Insurance Cost Based On Your Lifestyle

The amount you pay for your medical insurance cost can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle. Whether you think it’s fair or not, it’s becoming more and more common for insurance carriers to implement these policies. Here are a few ways you can determine what your costs will be based on the way you live.


It’s pretty commonplace these days for people to pay more for their medical insurance if they are smokers. Insurance companies see smoking as a lifestyle choice that can be controlled. Their thinking is that smokers end up spending more money each year on their healthcare than non-smokers. Things like high blood pressure, lung disease, allergies, respiratory infections, and heart disease are more likely in smokers than in non smokers. As a result, the insurance companies will charge a smoker higher premiums for the insurance policies.


While this isn’t as common at the moment, it’s becoming more popular for insurance carriers to charge higher premiums to those who are overweight. Just as with smoking, people who are overweight also have more health issues. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are more common in the obese. Most people would be surprised at what is considered obese. If you have a few extra pounds to carry around, you can expect to pay higher insurance premiums.


Just as the other lifestyle related choices, drinking can lead to increased health costs. If you drink regularly your rates may be higher. Drinking can lead to liver and kidney issues, heart problems, and mental health concerns. The insurance companies consider you a higher risk and will in turn charge you more for your premiums.

High Blood Pressure

While this is still controversial, many insurance companies will charge higher premiums for those who are on blood pressure medication. Hypertension is seen by many insurance companies as a controllable condition, and if you have struggled keeping it under control or are currently on medications it may translate in to higher premiums.

Marital Status

Another controversial idea, and one that most insurance don’t take in to account, yet, is your marital status. People who live alone are a greater risk for depression and anxiety than those who don’t. While right now this isn’t a common practice among insurance companies, it has received attention.

Discounts for Healthy Choices

Many insurance companies will offer discounts on their premiums to people who make healthy choices. Joining a gym and attending it regularly, seeking advice from nutritionists, and other similar healthy choices are seen favorably by many insurance companies. They assume the healthier the choices you make, the less likely you are to need medical treatment. Since you are a lower risk, the rates may be reduced for you.

Understanding how your lifestyle can affect your insurance rates is an important step in getting the best possible rates. In many cases you can decrease your insurance costs by making a few simple changes to the way you live.

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