Designed Your Custom Bike? Get Insurance You Need

Custom bike insurance is designed to provide the coverage you need for your bike. Flexible enough to allow you to establish an acceptable replacement value for the bike, this insurance is more specialized than the generic bike insurance you would have on a standard bike.

Policy Provisions

When you are shopping for custom bike insurance, you will want to look for a policy that will allow you to:
  • specify a replacement value that includes the cost of custom parts, upgrades, or special paint jobs
  • have specific provisions relating to damage and theft
Requirements for Coverage

To obtain custom bike insurance, your policy provider may require pictures of the bike (which you should have for your own protection in case of theft). Serial numbers of customer parts as well as receipts for upgrades and modifications should be kept on file in case you have to submit a claim. While the cost of custom insurance might be slightly higher, you can reduce your premium by storing the bike in a locked garage and taking a safety course.

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