Demographics Information - High Deductible Health Care Plans

People who are looking to save on their premium costs associated with health insurance use high deductible health care plans. People participating in an HDHP are permitted to set aside tax-free dollars in a health savings account (HSA) for the purpose of meeting their unreimbursed medical expenses not covered by health insurance which includes both deductibles and coinsurance requirements.

Number of People Participating in HDHPs

The number of people participating in HDHPs offered by their employer or in an individual plan varies by region.  National statistics suggest that the number of participants in these plans is 20 percent of all the entire insured population. There is no further breakdown of these numbers by race or gender or income levels.

Who Should Use HDHPs?

The use of HDHPs may make sense for those individuals who do not incur a lot of health care expenses and can afford to fund an HSA up to the $3,000 maximum limit for individuals and $5,950 maximum for families. For those individuals and families that have a need for different health care services and incur a lot of expenses, an HDHP may not be the appropriate health insurance option.

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