Cutting Costs -- Affordable Medical And Dental Insurance

Affordable medical and dental insurance isn't easy to come by. Because of the risks involved, healthcare costs tend to be fairly high. This is especially true for dental insurance. However, there are ways to get cheap health insurance - so long as one knows where to look.

Affordable Insurance Options

First, policyholders should look for insurance policies with lower rates that still have enough coverage to fit their basic needs. If they can’t find anything they can afford, they can look at several programs that offer basic low-cost health insurance.  The programs include:

Medicaid – A government-run healthcare plan for lower-income families and individuals.

Medicare – A government-run healthcare plan geared towards senior citizens using the funds generated through Social Security. The program is limited to people 65 years or older.

Short Term Health Insurance– private health insurance programs designed for people who are out of their jobs. They can last anywhere thirty days to a year.

Group Insurance – Health insurance programs offered by private and government-affiliated organizations to their members. 

State High Risk Health Insurance Pool – A state-run program for people with medical conditions that put their health at risk.

Medicaid and Medicare both offer dental insurance, but the same is not necessarily true for the rest. Even in the former case, the coverage is limited to the more basic services such as check-ups and x-rays.

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