Customizing Single Trip Travel Insurance to Your Needs

Like house, life and car insurance, single trip travel insurance can be customized to fit your needs. When deciding what coverage you want to include in your single trip travel insurance, make sure that the cost of the travel insurance isn’t the only thing that you take into consideration. Something may not seem necessary at the time, but once you are on your trip, you may wish that you had opted for it.


This travel insurance option should be purchase by every traveler, especially if you will be heading overseas. If you get sick, whether from a virus, water or bad food choice, you will be covered. 

Trip Cancellation

If you are booking your trip well in advance, or if there is anything in your life that indicates you may have to cancel your trip for  a valid reason such as an illness, then you will want to make sure that trip cancellation is included in your single trip travel insurance. When a trip is cancelled, there are certain deposits that are nonrefundable.  If you opt into this with your travel insurance, you will get that money back.

Trip Cut Short

If you have a seriously ill immediate family member at home but still have to travel, getting coverage for your trip if it is cut short due to your need to come home will be a necessity. Like your trip cancellation coverage, this will make sure that any nonrefundable deposits are returned to you.

Lost/Stolen Luggage or Personal Effects

Whether you are traveling with several suitcases for a month in Europe, or are backpacking across Ireland, you will most likely want to get coverage for your personal effects. If your luggage or any of your personal effects go missing or are lost, then you are compensated. Travel documents are also covered.

Personal Liability

If you cause injury or loss of money to someone, then this coverage will make sure that you any legal costs or payouts are covered. If you are renting a car, then you should definitely get coverage for this.

Think it Through

These are just a few of the more common things that your single trip travel insurance can cover. Check with an insurance provider for a complete list of what can be covered. Think hard about your trip, how you will be traveling and what you will be doing when away to make sure that you get the best coverage suited to you.

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