Commercial Property Casualty Insurance: Assessing Your Risks

A business owner needs commercial property casualty insurance and must assess his risks to know which risks he needs to cover. He should find out the amount of coverage he has for each portion of his insurance.

Assessing Specific Risks

Casualty insurance doesn’t cover floods and fires. These are covered under separate commercial property casualty insurance policies. It may cover earthquakes if the area is prone to them. He can get a package policy and add any specific risk lines to it.

What Commercial Casualty Insurance Covers

There are different lines of commercial property casualty insurance and a business won’t need all of them. Some lines specifically cover farm, management protection, financial institutions or electronic commerce. Another line addresses equipment breakdown. A business that owns automobiles needs the auto line of commercial casualty insurance.

Business owner’s is a line that combines property and liability; it is aimed at small business owners. Employment-related practices and liability and management protection is targeted at larger businesses, especially corporations.

More Lines of Commercial Property Casualty Insurance

  • Worker’s compensation
  • Property
  • Capital assets
  • Crime and fidelity
  • Medical-professional liability
  • Umbrella
  • Market segments
  • Inland marine






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