Commercial Fire Insurance Policies That Save You Money

Commercial fire insurance is a critical and often overlooked coverage that provides more than just peace of mind. When you have the right policy, it can also protect you from losing your business due to the inability to remain open while repairs are being made after a fire.

Choosing the Right Insurance

When choosing fire insurance, you will want to look at both commercial property coverage as well as commercial casualty coverage.  These insurance policies cover different areas and together protect your business in case of fire.

  • Commercial Property – This insurance covers damage to the business structure and equipment, including rebuilding the business and replacing equipment lost in the fire.
  • Commercial Casualty – This insurance covers the unexpected losses, like if a fire was in your building but not in your office and you are unable to conduct business until the repairs are made to the building, or to cover your loss of revenue during the time when you are closed.
Reduce Your Premiums

You can greatly reduce your premiums by installing an inexpensive sprinkler alarm system in your office. Many commercial insurance policies will reduce your premiums from 10-60% with the installment of a system, paying for the system within months.

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