Commercial Car Insurance: Coverage For Your Company Automobile

Commercial car insurance provides coverage for individual and fleet vehicles as well as pickup, box truck, and school or tour bus coverage to meet the needs of a wide variety of business owners. The type of coverage you need depends on the ways in which you use your company automobile as well as how many authorized drivers you have for the vehicles.

Insuring Employee Drivers

Most commercial car insurance providers will require that you carry unemployment insurance on your employees in order for them to be eligible for coverage on the commercial auto policy.  You can reduce premiums by employing a screening process that requires employees to provide proof of a three-plus year clean driving record, having regular drug testing procedures, as well as a no-tolerance policy, or by offering driver instruction courses to your employees.

Coverage Options

Basically, the types of coverage offered for commercial car insurance are not very different from options available for private auto insurance.  The most important detail is to make sure the business is listed as the principal insured party. This may help protect you if there is a claim. There are several coverage options available for insuring company vehicles, including bodily injury liability coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical coverage, property damage coverage, and non-ownership liability coverage.

Finding the Right Insurance

Commercial car insurance is not a place in your business budget that you can afford to ignore.  The peace of mind and protection you get from having an in-depth commercial policy will protect your business from unnecessary burden if an accident happens or a claim is filed against you. Particularly if you have employees driving company vehicles in the course of their employment, you do not want to shirk on coverage.  Be sure to shop around; the lowest price is not always the best insurance.  You will want to find an insurance provider who understands business needs and has the customer service and claims support to assist you in times of need.

Save Money with Seasonal Coverage

If you operate a business in which you use your business vehicle only part of the year and safely store it the rest of the time, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on your premiums by shopping for seasonal coverage. Many insurance companies offer seasonal policies where the broad coverage is applied only during the time during which the vehicle is used.

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