Classic Car Insurance: Protect Your Antique

Classic car insurance is a special type of car insurance designed to protect your older, classic car.  This kind of insurance focuses much more on the value of the car than just the liability of driving it.

Distinctions Amongst Classic Cars

Most car insurance companies distinguish between three types of classic cars:
  • Antique cars which are the oldest, typically manufactured before 1903.
  • Vintage cars which are slightly younger, typically manufactured between 1903 and 1933.
  • Classic cars, which includes any car that is at least thirty-five years old.
Some companies offer different rates based on these distinctions, so be sure to ask your classic car insurance agent about age factors. 

Factors That Effect Your Classic Car Insurance Rates

For any type classic car, you will want to purchase auto insurance. Factors that go into the formula of figuring out how much classic car insurance will cost include: the value of your car, the condition it is in, and how much coverage you want on it.  Classic car insurance is separate from regular car insurance both in how its cost is calculated and in its policy.  Unless your classic car has taken the place of a regular mode of transportation or non-classic car, your classic car insurance and your regular car insurance will stay separate.

Classic Car Insurance: What is Expected of You

As an owner of a classic car, the car insurance company will expect certain things from you when it comes to your policy.  They will probably expect or require the following from you: to store the car in a garage and may require the garage to be locked or wired with a security system, that it cannot be used as your primary mode of transportation, the car can be driven with a maximum amount of miles per year, and the car should be used only for special occasions or shows/exhibitions.

Things to Consider

The coverage of your classic car insurance will resemble that of your regular car insurance.  You can still have collision, comprehensive and liability on your classic car, and you may be required to also have a special insurance to protect the car while it is in storage and not being driven, incase something happens to it while it is parked in the garage.  Classic car insurance is offered by most car insurance companies and is well worth learning more about in order to protect your special car.

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