Classic Bike Insurance 101

Classic bike insurance is designed to protect you from the major risks that come with being a classic bike owner and bike rider. There are several that come standard in bike insurance, but when you have a classic bike, you especially need to make sure that the policy provisions provide adequate protection.

Special Considerations

Because classic bikes tend to be more difficult to replace, or have a value that is more than the average bike of that age, it is important to make sure the insurance policy is written to cover the bike's actual value. This may require that you provide an estimate to the insurance company of the replacement value of the bike. You should keep receipts that document what work you've done to the bike as well as extensive photos of the bike.

Term Provisions

When shopping for classic bike insurance, look for flexibility with the coverage. Things like additional riders, limitless miles, and the ability to establish the value of the bike are all very important options for the bike owner. If you only ride the bike a few months each year, search for an insurance policy that will let you pay month-to-month.

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