Classic Auto Insurance Features For Antique Protection

For any collector, classic auto insurance is a must to protect their antique car. Lots of time, love and money have been invested restoring antique autos and sometimes that investment can be substantial. Protecting this investment from fire, theft or other types of loss is incredibly important.

Not Covered Under Homeowner’s

Unlike that antique clock sitting by the front door, a basic homeowner’s insurance policy may not protect your antique auto to its full value. Furthermore, policy exclusions for certain natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes and other types may not be available. A policy that is specifically designed toward the collector’s needs is an important protection to consider.

Secure a Separate Policy

When seeking to supplement protection for a collectible automobile, features for antique auto insurance will vary from company to company. Some will require an authorized appraisal to place a dollar amount value; others will allow owners to insure for a specified amount.

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