Choosing The Right Group Health Insurance Plan

Your group health insurance plan is a contract between your company and an insurance company to provide insurance for those members of your group. You stand to gain by providing group health insurance through increased employee retention and a healthier work force. Benefits come at a cost, so take care to determine the right group health insurance plan.

Consider an Insurance Agent
An insurance agent is specialized in determining which plans work best for an individual or group. You should seek an insurance agent with a specialty in employee benefits insurance.

Determine which Benefits You Will Provide
Some states regulate benefits for accidental death and dismemberment and require they be provided. Group health insurance, dental insurance and vision insurance, though, are largely your decision. Decide which coverage you will offer your employees.

Determine which Portion You Will Pay
Employers can determine how much of a contribution they will cover and what their employees will be required to contribute. It is possible to offer a group health insurance plan but not pay for the cost.

Educate your Employees
Make sure your employees know about the benefits you are providing them and their responsibilities. Many insurance companies will offer to present to your group to cover the details of a group health insurance plan. New employees should additionally receive an orientation regarding the insurance benefits. In fact, when you are hiring, you should advertise your benefits as an additional perk to your work environment.


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