Choosing an Auto Insurance Agent

Choosing an auto insurance agent begins with understanding the options available to you and should end in a mutually beneficial relationship. When choosing an auto insurance agent correctly, they benefit from your business, and you benefit from expert advice on the right product for you, professional support for ensuring your needs are met and knowledgeable help if an accident occurs.

Why Should you use an Auto Insurance Agent

Opportunities abound to get auto insurance online and never deal with an individual specifically assigned to you. This is often touted as the cheapest way to go. However, agented insurance companies have responded with a variety of cost-effective options, including steep discounts. Plus, you have a person to call who knows your specific situation, driving history and family needs.

Two Kinds of Auto Insurance Agents

When choosing an auto insurance agent understand that some represent multiple insurance companies and others a single company. Captive agents represent a single insurance company. Independent agents represent many different insurance companies. In either case, consider the following before choosing an auto insurance agent:

  • represents solid, reputable companies. Your state insurance department website will have a searchable database to research companies.
  • reputation in the community. Friends and family often are a good source to find a reputable agent. Once you have a name, check with the Better Business Bureau.
  • ability to support your purchase and any claims process. Meet the prospective agent and ensure he or she has the staff to administer your policy.
  • competitive rates. Compare prices you are given through a simple online search.
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