Cheap Vision Insurance Benefits Your Eyes Will Love

Vision insurance is designed to cover vision-related medical expenses that aren’t covered by ordinary medical insurance. Most basic health insurance policies only cover emergency eye care. Getting a cheap vision insurance policy to cover eye exams and eyeglasses prescription isn’t that hard, but getting a policy that would cover other, bigger expenses is much more complicated.

What Vision Insurance Covers

Most of the vision insurance plans will cover the basics: eye exams, the costs of glasses or contact lenses. Many will cover the more advanced procedures such as LASIK, but the rates tend to increase in proportion to the amount of coverage they offer. Eyes are incredibly delicate, fundamentally important organs, and the risks involved in trying to alter them surgically are high. This is especially true if you have a vision-related medical condition.

Vision insurance can be grouped into two basic types:

Vision Benefit Packages – Plans that cover basic vision-related medical expenses so long as you use certain specific eye care service providers. The prohibition is not absolute, but if you want to be covered for treatments outside the service network, you would have to be able to explain why it’s necessary (for example, they may have equipment that your regular doctor doesn’t have).

Vision Discount Plans – Plans that cover a portion of your vision-related medical costs. You have to cover the rest. They are usually more flexible about what kind of services they will cover and which eye care providers you can use.

Finding Cheap Vision Insurance

The best way to find cheap vision insurance is the same as with any other insurance. Use the Internet to look up insurance rates and select the ones that fit both your budget and your eye care needs. If you have any reason to suspect that an insurance policy is not what it seems, look up the insurance provider at a Better Business Bureau.

It should be noted that if you stick to basics, you might not need insurance at all. Medicare and Medicaid will cover check-ups and some of the cheaper glasses and disposable contact lenses. Wal-Mart also offers affordable check-ups. But if your vision problems are more involved and require specific treatments, the chances of finding a cheap policy are negligible.

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