Cheap Student Travel Insurance Trapfalls to Avoid

As a student traveling on a budget, you should look for cheap student travel insurance to cover your potential losses due to any number of unforeseen circumstances. Shopping for cheap insurance brings potential risks of its own. Be wary of some simple pitfalls.

Not Getting Enough Coverage

You need to be covered for more than cancellation. When you are traveling on a budget, you are more susceptible to injury, theft and illness.

Working With the Wrong Company

If your cheapest quote is from an insurance company you have never heard of, you may want to consider another choice. Read reviews or check with your Better Business Bureau for recommendations.

Not Focusing on Unique Student Needs

Single-trip family insurance will cover very different needs than student insurance. You most likely require high medical and sports injury coverage but may not need as much coverage for expensive belongings. Be sure to cater your policy to your student needs.

Not Asking for Student Discounts

Student coverage is typically less costly on a whole, but you should ask for specific discounts to find cheap student travel insurance. There may be more savings for you if you are on student loans or in a work-study program.


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